Here at First Defense we strive to create the hardest working K9s in the industry. Whether you’re looking for single or dual purpose dogs, we produce K9s that will protect their officers at any cost. Dogs that will bring the bad guys down, and/or find drugs in the the hardest of places.

Our K9 narcotics training is among the best in the industry. We teach our dogs to think and work on their own. They are purely obedient to odor. This results in little to no interaction needed from the handler, and guarantees accurate and consistent alerts. This type of training leads to fewer false hits caused by handler interaction/interference.

Our apprehension dogs are taught how to stand their ground and fight, despite a suspect fighting back. K9s in our program are subjected to enormous amounts of pressure, ensuring they are ready for any situation in the field. Our training helps to create level headed, social dogs that are easy to handle and a pleasure in public, but serious and ready to work when the time comes.


Officer K9 Poca, Lynch, KY Police Department

K9 Luna, 10 mos. old, Training

K9 Apollo

K9 Apollo


K9 Apollo


K9 Sansa


K9 Officer Poca – Lynch, KY Police Department

K9 Bo

K9 Cain

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