Many situations that lead to injury or death can happen at any time. Your home could be broken in to. Your wife could be attacked while jogging in the park. You could be car-jacked on your way home from the store. All of these would likely have much better outcomes if you have a Personal Protection Dog with you. Dogs react faster, fight harder, and have less self-preservation than you do. Should the need ever arise, Our dogs are trained to gain control of a threat, and maintain they control until authorities arrive.


First Defense K9 was founded on Personal Protection Dogs. We produce some of the most capable defensive dogs in the industry. Our proven training process has produced dozens of perfectly level headed, obedient house pets that will stop at nothing to defend their family should the need arise. All of our protection dogs are family pets first – meaning they are just as comfortable rolling around on the floor with your three year old child as they are removing a chunk of meat from a home intruder.

We start our process with they best dogs – bred in house to our standards. These dogs are stable, clear headed, agile, and physical. They all come from KNPV working blood lines. There are no free rides around our kennel. Our breeding dogs ALL work. We welcome you to come see what they’re like before you chose to add a dog of this caliber to your home. These dogs were made for this work. It is in their blood. They aren’t for everyone, but those that make the commitment are rewarded with the best of the best.

Our dogs are rigorously socialized, environmentally proofed, and training begins as soon as they are done feeding from Mom. Somewhere around 10-12 weeks, they get to go home with you. After that, training continues for 1.5 – 2 years (until they fully mature). During this process, you grow with your new dog. They training process is as important for you as it is them. You will experience a bond you’ve likely never seen before. This animal will gladly give up its own health and/or life to protect you and your family. Your dog will learn games for you to play at home that will help us train down the road. They will learn obedience. They will learn how to bite, where to bite, and when to bite, should the need ever arise. All of our Personal Protection Dogs are trained to react to behavior – not commands. They will only engage when a real threat in present.

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